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Reducing Your Risk Factors Could Save Your Life in Manhattan

Your best chance against heart disease or any chronic disease is prevention. Lower your risk factors with these simple - yet important - steps:

A preventive health program can reduce your risk factors, prevent a cardiovascular event (heart attack, stroke) and prevent or delay the need for interventional procedures, improving your quality of life. At Central Park West Physicians, your prevention program may include nutrition counseling, prescriptions for exercise and/or medication, stress management, lifestyle and behavioral modifications and cardiac rehab programs.

Adults With Regular Bedtime May Have Lower Weight, Lower Blood Sugar, And Lower Risk Of Heart Disease And Diabetes, Study Suggests.
Reuters (9/27, Crist) reports “adults who have a regular bedtime are likely to weigh less...have lower blood sugar and to face a lower risk of heart disease and diabetes.” The findings were published in Scientific Reports.

Need an Annual Physical?

Have a look at "Well Visit Care Instructions" by Healthwise.

Traveling Soon?

Have a look at The Yellow Book by Center for Disease Control.

Office Ergonomics

Sitting at a computer for bng periods often causes neck and shoulder stiffness and occasionally. lower-back pain. Our bodies were not meant to stay in ANY one position for bng periods of time. Static postures prevent bbod flow to muscles which results in feelings of fatigue and discomfort. Setting time aside to stretch, get up, and move around can help remedy and prevent discomfort. It makes a difference.


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